Round 10 : Mildenhall 12th August -Booking in open on 30th July @ 8pm
Welcome to the 2018 season with KSMXC


The KSMXC 2018 season kicks off on March 12th with our traditional season opener at Mildenhall.

So what’s new for 2017!!!

125cc two stroke class

This is new for 2017 and is being partly created by the ACU to give some of the 85cc guys an easier(?) path into big bike racing. Open to 13 year old to 17 year old riders it will be run in with the 125/250F schoolboy class (85cc guys - make sure your licence is correct!!... and remember once you have raced a 125 you cannot go back down to the 85 class). We have already had a lot of interest in this class and numbers will be restricted so stand back and enjoy some very fast and frantic action on the track!

What’s new!

●     The race calendar has been issued and looks good with different venues in this year

●     We visit Cusses Gorse again – earlier in the year this time  – those of you that didn’t make it last year missed a brilliant meeting – try and get there this season (don’t bring your pet dog!)

●     Our medics remain the same (Pulseline) and we have every confidence the Pulseline guys will deliver their usual excellent service. Try not to keep them too busy!!

●     As always we aim to make our meetings slicker, better and a more enjoyable experience for all our members and guests and any help with improvements you feel we can also add will be well received – It’s your club.

KSMXC Committee 2017

Lorna Edwards – Chairperson

Terry Edwards – Vice Chair

Chris Short – Membership secretary

Stuart Macey – Time keeping/lap scoring and guru of all technical systems

Annie Lewis – General committee

Steve Wilkinson – Club secretary

The committee are there to ensure the race meeting runs safely and efficiently and you all have an enjoyable day. We don’t always get it right! but we try our best. Please remember this when dealing with us regarding issues or problems on the day.

Please ensure you enter the meetings through our usual Go Race website. We do not take entries via Facebook or other social media. Enter in plenty of time before the meeting and you will not be disappointed.



Helpful KSMXC Tips to help your/our race day go smoothly!

Race Numbers – Riders - you know the rules! Please make scrutineering and lap scoring a much happier place by ensuring you have the correct and legible numbers on your race mount. Please do not present your machine to our wonderful scrutineers without numbers present – you will incur their wrath and be sent away

Helmets – Ensure your helmets are presented with the correct sticker on them that ensures they are eligible for an ACU sanctioned event. An ACU gold sticker will do the job nicely.

Start Line – The start line rules are exactly the same as last season – please read them and abide by them – it makes our day sooo much easier. The start line is part of the track (Oh yes it is!) and the only persons present on the line should be competitors and signed on officials – this is for safety reasons and insurance purposes. The start line crew are there to ensure the start area is safe – please listen to their reasonable instruction and comply –try not to argue the point – it only makes things worse.

Assistants may come and set start devices of course but should do so quickly and then vacate the start line immediately.

We will cut people some slack if it is raining or very hot so the riders have some shelter/drinks but the line MUST be cleared immediately when instruction is given to do so.

Transponders – Please ensure your transponders are both fully charged and are valid (working). A quick charge in the van on the way to the meeting will not suffice. Charge them up the day before you leave. If your transponder does not function you may not be scored in that race.

Pit Etiquette 1– Please ensure you clear ALL your rubbish and litter up at the end of the day and if you have a dog then you must clear up after it when it has done a No 2.

Pit Etiquette 2 – Strictly, absolutely, never, nil, don’t even think about it, NO riding in the pit area – push it with a dead engine.  We have persons of all ages running around and we would hate to see someone get clipped by a bike. For safety reasons this will be enforced.

Pit Etiquette 3 – Our meetings are full of young impressionable persons (that does not include the committee!). Please behave in a manner that will not offend our young competitors.

Meeting Etiquette – Please make every effort be pleasant to our race day officials – their day is difficult enough anyway with up to 200 riders to look after and always remember they are volunteering their valuable time freely so as you can race your bike. Thank them as without them we would have no racing.

So enjoy your 2017 season and drive home after each meeting tired but safe and happy – then come back and do it all again!